Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Sound and screen

Last night I went to the Parkway Theater for the first time (with boyziggy and my best-man-to-be Charles, both of whom had been there before). It's a really neat place, as I expected: lots of vegan options on the menu, couches and comfy chairs, art-deco restrooms (at least the women's room). I especially loved the filmed preview of the managers (I assume) of the theater announcing and commenting on the week's upcoming films, menu additions, etc. As it turned out, the movie itself, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, was my least favorite part of the experience,* but I was even less interested in all the other films playing that evening (Kill Bill Vol. 2, etc.). I really just went to hang out with Charles and Tony (though Tony couldn't come due to back problems as it turned out) and to experience a cool new place. I'm sure I'll be back.

Today I had a good foggy run along the Embarcadero (Ferry Building to SBC Park and back), followed by a hearty breakfast and then my eagerly-anticipated trip back to Stern Grove. I hoped that by getting there two hours before showtime, I could get a seat on the lawn rather than sliding down the hill like I did last week. I also hoped it would be sunnier on the meadow than it was under the redwoods. Well, Ziggy and I got there at noon and the meadow did have some space left, but it was far enough to the side of the stage that the sound quality was pretty awful. Plus, the sun never came out, and the foursome behind us talked throughout the entire concert. At least they were almost quiet during the finale of the Firebird Suite, as I might have had to throttle them if they ruined my favorite piece of music that I sat shivering for hours to listen to. Though again the sound from where we sat was pretty crappy. I apologized to Ziggy (who noticed such things even more than I, of course, being an audio engineer), and we both agreed that if we want to see the San Francisco Symphony perform again, we'll just buy the damn tickets. At least in Davies Hall the audience wouldn't be as rude.

* It wasn't a bad film at all; just a bit too weird for me. It was nice to see Carrey in a less maniacal role than he usually plays, at least.

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