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Found new web host - the funcrunch files

Jun. 22nd, 2004 03:12 pm Found new web host

Thanks to everyone who offered suggestions on new web hosting services. I have decided to go with Pair, which has everything I need at a reasonable price ($17.95/month for the "Advanced" package, plus another dollar once boyziggy gets his site set up). Pair also has telephone tech support, great support resources on their web site, and its own data center in my hometown, Pittsburgh PA. They are an all-FreeBSD shop with over 350 servers.

I was sent my account information within a couple of hours of signing up last night, and within a couple of hours after that had all my web stuff transferred over, including a MySQL database, and e-mail aliases set up. It was very easy. I haven't transferred the DNS yet only because we're expecting a couple of important wedding-vendor-related e-mails, and I don't want to risk them getting loss in the transition period. Plus I need to make sure to coordinate with Ziggy on changing POP settings as we're sharing the e-mail, and he's been working virtually round the clock at the Mime Troupe getting ready for the summer season.

Current Mood: sleepysleepy

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