Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Fitness plan

I'm planning to lose the fifteen pounds I've gained over the last few months by July 25, the day I'm running the San Francisco Half Marathon. I'm going to blog my progress in more detail than usual to help make it happen.

Want to support me? I still need sponsors for the race. If I raise at least $250, my $100 race fee will be refunded, and I could really use the money. I haven't gotten a single donation yet. :-(

Today's workout: Six mile run.

Today's weight: 139.5 lbs.

Plans for the next week:

Thursday: Four mile brisk walk

Friday: Five-six mile run

Saturday: Off

Sunday: 5K race

Monday: Stair climbing, 20 min

Tuesday: Five-six mile run

Wednesday: Five-six mile run

Daily: Stretches, crunches
Tags: fitness

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