Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Fitness progress, or lack thereof

My plan to lose 15 lbs by July 25 is not going well. I did something to my knee, and haven't gone jogging since last Sunday's race. Today I was able to walk briskly for 30 minutes with only one slight twinge of pain, however, so I think I can cautiously start running again. I really want to race the Conservatory 5K this Sunday, and the 4.5 mile Lake Merced loop Thursday evening as well if I can manage it. I volunteered at yesterday's race, a 4 miler at Twin Peaks, and was very glad I did; got to see a different part of the city, hand out finishers' ribbons, and meet fun people.

My diet is also out of whack. As usual, too much fat and not enough vegetables. I realize that virtually all of my poor choices are accountable to either laziness or inattention or both. I have the time but not the desire to cook and choose healthy foods. Need to prod myself slightly less gently in that direction.

I'm tempted to just say "screw it, 140 lbs on a 5' 4" frame is perfectly fine", which it is. But I really don't like the feeling of my pants tightening. I gave away a dozen pairs of larger jeans at a clothing swap for a reason. I really don't want to yo-yo with my weight. A five pound swing is fine; fifteen is not. And from experience, fifteen can easily balloon to 25, 30 or more. Don't want to go there again.
Tags: fitness, health

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