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Weighty matters

I finally managed to crawl out of my self-indulgent funk enough to get some necessary volunteer work done on a couple of web sites this week. (Thanks to zyxwvut and purchasemonkey for your expressions of concern.)

Not one to be satisfied with any temporary increase in happiness, I now shift attention to my ever-present weight problem. I am 5'4", medium-frame, and weigh 160 pounds. Now, many people would not consider this size a problem at all. However, it is technically borderline obese, and just three years ago I weighed 30 pounds less. Of course, at that time I was training for a marathon, but the point is I know that I am capable of being in better shape.

I did lose about 13 pounds after peaking at 173 in January. I started jogging again, joined the Y and did weightlifting, and tried to eat a better vegan diet. I tried out Joel Fuhrman's Eat to Live program, which is basically a low-fat, high-nutrient vegan diet with a heavy emphasis on raw vegetables. It worked well for weight loss, but I got extremely tired of salads, to the point where I started to crave steamed broccoli and pasta. (Better than craving cheese and chocolate, I suppose!)

After the initial weight loss I slacked off, stopped exercising, and started eating more junk food. I did stay mostly-vegan, but my weight loss ground to a halt. I need to kick-start it again. I'm tired of buying new clothes to accommodate my widening girth. The pants I'm wearing today are so hideous, I feel like I'm draped in parachute fabric. But they are convertible to shorts, so I'm going to zip off the legs after work and try walking most of the way home. The walk is very hilly, so it's a start, anyway.

I also need to get back to eating more fresh produce. In Berkeley I lived two blocks from a farmers' market, but here in SF, despite having a shorter commute, I've been too lazy to shop or cook. So I've been eating out most days. Fortunately there is a very tasty tofu and vegetable over rice dish at the cafeteria in my building, but I don't want to eat it so often that I get sick of it. I'm going to get a salad today instead, and try not to indulge in my usual lunchtime or mid-afternoon Coke for a change. Small steps, but I have to start somewhere.

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