Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

This is how you lose customers

I've been meaning to get a cell phone case with a belt clip for my Android for over a year now, and finally found one I want on the T-Mobile web site. Went to order it, got a message that there was a problem and I needed to talk to an online rep via chat.

System: Welcome to T-Mobile. My name is Joseph, how may I assist you?
You: Hi I was trying to place an order and it said that I needed to talk to an online agent
You: Order number is xxxxxxx
Joseph: I'm sorry about the inconvenience Julie, but I would be more than happy to assist you this evening with your order!

Joseph: It looks like your order did go into our order verifications department. I would need to contact them in order to see what is going on with this order. Do you have a number I can call you at if they need to speak with you?
You: sure - xxx-xxx-xxxx
Joseph: Thanks!

Joseph: Thanks for holding Julie, I am currently on the line with our order verifications department it will be just a couple more minutes.
You: ok thanks
Joseph: I want to thank you for your patience Julie. It should not be too much longer.
You: no problem
Joseph: Thank you.

Joseph: What business are you shipping the order to?
You: it's a ups store where we have a mailbox
Joseph: Thank you Julie.

Joseph: I did get off the line with our order verifications department and they did say we can't ship to UPS stores, we would have to have it be at a residential address. I do apologize, our verifications team did have to cancel this order, but you can definitely replace it with a different address if you would like.

You: sigh - ok, I've never had a problem shipping to that mailbox before, this is just a cell phone case after all

Joseph: I'm sorry again Julie, but was there anything else I can assist you with this evening?

You: no, I think I'll just get a case somewhere else because I don't want to have to stay home just to
wait for a package

Joseph: Sounds like a plan, I just want to thank you for choosing T-Mobile and I hope you have yourself a great weekend!

The irony is that T-Mobile has very good customer service in general. I don't blame Joseph or his cheery demeanor, I blame whoever makes these dumbass decisions for the order fulfillment department.

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