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Wednesday fun run

What a great run. I decided to see if I could run to Aquatic Park. I was afraid the hill would be too steep and I'd be reduced to walking most of the way, but the uphill grade was fairly moderate. After I crested the hill I saw that the downhill grade was much more steep, but I still ran rather slowly lest I trip and fall flat on my face.

It took me a little under 13 minutes to run on Hyde from Jackson St. to the park, including a longish stop at a traffic light. That didn't leave me much time for jogging at the shore, which was too bad as it was very quiet and peaceful there, with a great view. But I'm sure my times will improve, and as I get stronger I will extend the running portion to 30 minutes or so. As long as I start getting out of bed a little earlier (say, when the alarm actually goes off, rather than some 20-30 minutes later), I should have time for a longer workout.

I took the cable car home. boyziggy was actually home and awake so he offered to make breakfast, which gave me time to get my dreaded abs exercises out of the way in addition to stretching. Great start to the morning.
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