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Blurb discount for LiveJournal users: Buy my book! - the funcrunch files

Jun. 23rd, 2010 04:42 pm Blurb discount for LiveJournal users: Buy my book!

Blurb has announced an exclusive, one-time $15 discount for LiveJournal users. Happily I have a published book on Blurb: Walls to Walls, published after last year's SoFoBoMo event. My book's been on sale since then, but I've received few orders. So that $15 LiveJournal discount should be just the incentive to buy a copy if you've been putting it off!

Full-color preview and order information here: http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/748678. At checkout, enter discount code LJRN16 (USD; discount codes available for other currencies too; ask me if this applies to you)

Check it out, and please let me know what you think! I plan to offer postcards, framed prints, and other products based on these photos Real Soon Now. (Suggestions welcomed!)

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