Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Operation get-ready-for-half

After another unplanned two-week layoff (last run was the DSE Conservatory 5K on June 20), it's time to get back on the roads to prepare for the July 25 half marathon.

Mon 7/5 Crissy Field, 7 miles

Thu 7/8 Embarcadero, 6 miles

Fri 7/9 Palace of Fine Arts, 6 miles

Sun 7/11 DSE Rainbow Falls 5K race (3.1 miles)

If I do not make all the above runs and don't have a damn good excuse, you all have permission to come to my house and pummel me (gently, please).

I don't even care too much about losing weight at this point; the next three weeks are purely about building up mileage so I don't bonk during the race. I may have gotten away with running Bay to Breakers after a four-month layoff, but a half-marathon is nearly twice that distance, and I really don't want to get injured.
Tags: fitness

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