Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Farewell Grandma Carolyn

My mother and I buried my beloved Grandma Carolyn today. She died last Monday at the age of 95. I didn't post about it publicly at the time at my mother's request.

After several hot, muggy, and rainy days during my Pittsburgh visit, we had beautiful perfect weather this morning as we paid our respects at the funeral home and lowered her casket into the ground at the Homewood Cemetery in Pittsburgh, PA, where she lived with my mother for the last dozen or so years.

My mother encouraged me to play the piano during this trip, so today I asked her what grandma's favorite songs were. I was happy to be able to play one, a Schubert Impromptu (also the Entr'Acte from the ballet Rosamunde) with which I was already familiar.

(If the video embed above doesn't work, you should be able to view it on my Facebook profile if we're friends there.)

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