Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Finding joy in running

I was talking with my therapist yesterday about how discouraged I was by my last place race finish, and he encouraged me to remember the reasons that I love running. "But I don't love running," I protested. "I tolerate it."

Truth is, I do find some joy in running. It's just not (usually) in the effort itself, but in the things I experience along the way. So, here are some happy things from today's (warm, slow) run:

- Glimpsing seal heads bobbing at Aquatic Park.

- Viewing the Golden Gate Bridge in full sunshine.

- Seeing my destination, the Palace of Fine Arts, in the distance, upon cresting the hill at Fort Mason.

- Finding out (via a sign) that there's a farmers' market at Fort Mason on Sunday mornings.

- Spontaneously running through a sprinkler to cool off.

- Watching lots of fit, shirtless men also out for a run.
Tags: fitness

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