Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Singing again

Yesterday a vocal spot unexpectedly opened up in a Blue Bear rock workshop, and I went for it. I'm very happy to be performing with my friend/former bandmate Tim on guitar and friend/former teacher Steve leading the crew. The other guys in the band are very mellow and friendly, and readily accepted my song suggestions. We had a good first (for me; second for them) rehearsal last night.

I haven't sung on stage since February (at my Juliopalooza birthday concert), and my last Blue Bear performance was last December (playing bass and singing a little backup). I need this right now. I'm facing enormous personal challenges, and the music will be not only a welcome distraction, but something to actively look forward to each week.

Hope to see you all at the showcase in mid-December; I'll let everyone know when the dates are announced in a few weeks.
Tags: singing

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