Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Good day, and go Giants

I'm so glad I allowed myself to relax and be in good spirits today for once, after weeks of increasingly unbearable stress and misery. I slept in later than usual, waking up without an alarm as I had nothing scheduled today. Then I enjoyed two exquisite cups of assam tea from Adagio, ordered in sample size as my staple Irish Breakfast is out of stock. If this new delight weren't so expensive, it might become my new morning staple.

Did my usual web-surfing, caught up on some e-mail, watched some Hulu. Made a very tasty spiced tofu dish, and some fragrant brown rice. Then I bought a post-season pass on so I could watch the Giants trounce the Rangers in the World Series. We don't get cable and can't get Fox from our location, so it was either pay for streaming or go watch in a noisy crowded bar. I was tempted to do the latter during the playoffs, and when we made the series decided streaming would be the better option, though I likely will miss games 2-4 as it turns out due to my schedule. Regardless, game 1 alone was worth the ten bucks.

Now I'm sipping some hot cocoa and relaxing with more web surfing. Going to try to stay relaxed for as long as I can.

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