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My own "favorite things" wishlist - the funcrunch files

Nov. 20th, 2010 09:01 am My own "favorite things" wishlist

Oprah's in the news again for giving away mega-thousands of dollars of stuff to her (in this case deserving) audience members. Looking at the list of giveaways, I can say, hopefully without sounding like sour grapes, that I wouldn't be into many of the high-ticket items. Cashmere sweaters, diamond watches, designer bags and shoes, earrings? Yawn. I would however gladly take the 5-year Netflix membership, and we'd find a way to fit the 52 inch TV and BluRay player in our living room. :-)

So here are some of the things I would want if money were to drop out of the sky and I were forced to spend it only on fun stuff. I'm not including items for my photography business in this list; I could easily run up tens of thousands in expenses there alone. And I'm assuming we'd still be living in our current apartment, as otherwise the number one material thing I would wish for would be our own house in San Francisco or Berkeley with a yard and a paid-off mortgage.

1. New fully tricked-out Mac Pro desktop and 30 inch monitor.

2. New laptop - Probably the 13" MacBook Air.

3. Several pairs of Newton Running shoes.

4. Two-week vacation in Hawaii.

5. Full-body massage treatments.

6. Season tickets to San Francisco Performances and the San Francisco Jazz Festival.

Mmm, the nice thing about making this list is realizing how happy I am with what I already have.

So what's on your "favorite things" list?

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