Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Year in review

Overall this year, 2010, the year I (and Unix ;-) ) turned 40, was horrible, and I'm very glad it's nearly over. A few good things happened though, and I need to remember and respect that.

Work / Photography

- In March I opened a permanent exhibit of prints at the Blue Bear School of Music, where I've been shooting performances for the past three years. This exhibit is the most important development in my career to date, a great honor, and ego boost.

- I revamped my web site, and made changes to my pricing and licensing policies.

- I made significantly more money at photography than I did last year (when I wasn't trying nearly as hard). My earnings more than covered all of my direct business expenses (web hosting, insurance, etc.), but I still have a long way to go before I can pay my share of the rent on my own.


- I performed live on stage on two occasions, in February at my private 40th birthday party concert and in December at Café du Nord with a Blue Bear band. The birthday party had a lot of baggage for me and I haven't been able to appreciate it as well as I hoped to; I haven't even edited the video yet. The December concert, on the other hand, was probably my best performance to date, and the whole workshop experience was a highlight of the year for me; my comments and performance videos are here.

- In May I held my first live Ustream performance (other than my birthday concert): an informal Elton John recital to thank my mother for buying me a new digital piano.

- Midway through the year I stopped taking bass lessons and started taking piano lessons. I stopped the piano lessons before long, partly for financial reasons, but continued to play and sing. I haven't played the bass since this summer, but plan to start again very soon.

Health / Fitness

- I suffered a seizure in April in reaction to an antidepressant I was taking at the time. Subsequently I went off all medications.

- I have continued weekly talk therapy throughout the year to deal with my ongoing depression.

- I suffered several bouts of illness this year, though none as serious as the seizure.

- I participated in a number of races of lengths from 5K to 7.4 miles (Bay to Breakers).

- I've been very inconsistent with my exercise this year, and keep attempting to find ways to motivate myself to keep up a regular fitness routine.

- I've remained vegan at home and ovo-lacto vegetarian elsewhere. Other than that, I've been very inconsistent with my cooking and attempts to eat less fat and sugar and more vegetables.

- My weight has gone up a bit and is now borderline between healthy and overweight for my height, according to Body Mass Index tables.


- Sigh, don't even want to go into relationship issues. Very painful stuff there, this year.

- Also, three people of varying degrees of closeness to me died this year. In January, Joe, the drummer in my newly-formed band, died suddenly of swine flu. In July, my grandmother Carolyn died of old age. And in November, my sister-in-law Jen committed suicide.

Here's to a better year to come...

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