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LiveJournal privacy settings to combat spam - the funcrunch files

Feb. 18th, 2011 04:32 pm LiveJournal privacy settings to combat spam

Like many of my friends I have not been blogging on LiveJournal as much lately, having moved much of my online activity to Facebook (for better or for worse). So it's especially annoying that the comments I am getting on my public entries lately are almost all spam. I know this problem is affecting others, so here are some suggestions on adjusting settings if you haven't already done so:

- Go to your privacy settings page

- Under comment screening, choose to screen anonymous comments

- Under anti-spam, choose to show CAPTCHAs to anonymous commenters

- Under IP Address Logging, choose to log IP addresses of anonymous commenters

Those are the settings I have in place as of today. Otherwise, everyone is normally free to leave comments on my journal entries, which are also automatically imported to Facebook as Notes. (I do disable LiveJournal comments on the links to my funcrunchphoto feed, as I'm encouraging people to leave relevant comments directly on my funcrunchphoto blog instead.)

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