Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Census meme

Since I haven't done a meme in awhile, what the hell:

March 2011: Living in a rented apartment in San Francisco with my husband boyziggy. Working as a freelance photographer. Singing and playing electric bass and piano, taking lessons and classes at the Blue Bear School of Music. Occasionally participating in short footraces with the Dolphin South End Runners.

March 2001: Living alone in a rented apartment in Berkeley. Working as a web developer at UCSF Public Affairs (a job I'd started just after New Year's). Doing some writing and web development gigs on the side. Preparing to file for divorce from my first husband. Playing piano for fun, singing frequently at Anna's Bistro and with the Albany Jazz Project (Albany Adult School jazz workshop).

March 1991: Living in a rented apartment in Evanston, Illinois with roommates. Finishing senior year at Northwestern University. Taking elective classes in German and Buddhism while working hard on a senior project on censorship. Playing piano for the Arts Alliance musical theater group (I believe that term's production was Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat). Making preparations to attend grad and law school at UC Berkeley following graduation.

March 1981: Living with my parents in a house in West Liberty, West Virginia. Doing lots of elementary school activities (school newspaper, Gifted and Talented Program, crossing guard, selling lunch tickets, etc.), plus Girl Scouts. Playing violin, piano, and recorder, and singing in school and regional choruses. Watching TV, playing with toys, annoying our Siamese cat, and generally being a kid.

March 1971: Living with my parents in an apartment in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. No memories as I was one year old at the time. I'm told my first word was "car", from looking out the window onto the street a lot. Ironic now since I don't drive.

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