Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Honeymoon day 1: Phoenix

boyziggy's father generously let us use his timeshare, Mayan Palace in Puerto Penasco, Mexico, for a week for our honeymoon. There's no commercial airport so we decided to fly to Phoenix the day after our wedding, spend the night, and drive to Mexico the next day.

Today we arrived in Phoenix, a bit late, and further delayed by preparations to equip our rental car with Mexican auto insurance. So it was too dark to do the geocaches I'd printed out, but I was too tired from severe sleep deprivation anyway.

We then attempted to find a vegetarian-friendly restaurant that was open late on a Sunday night. The one vegan restaurant we found was closed Sunday and Monday. The hotel bar and grill had nothing to offer us but salad. Finally the front desk clerk recommended Sweet Tomatoes. Buffet style and a bit of a drive, but perfectly edible. Actually I felt good eating healthier fare after surviving mostly on vegan junk food over the last few weeks due to stress, lack of time and lack of appetite.

Back at the hotel we both had our first full night's sleep in days.
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