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Friendslist cleanup - the funcrunch files

Jul. 23rd, 2011 01:42 pm Friendslist cleanup

I'm doing a cleanup of my LiveJournal friendslist. I currently don't have separate filters on here, so my posts are either public or friends-only. The majority are public, so if you're removed you're not missing much. I do have more granularity on Google+, but like everyone else at this stage I'm still working out my reading and posting habits and circles on there. I'm also being much more conservative on who I add to my G+ circles than I have been both here and on Facebook, where my only criterion was "have to have met at least once in real life".

Despite the increasing spam, I'm not planning to migrate to Dreamwidth (though I have an account there too) or Blogger, as I paid for a permanent account on LJ and intend to get my money's worth :-) I'll be posting links to most entries on here manually on G+ for now. (I've basically stopped using Facebook for everything except my business page, though I still read all private messages and event invitations.)

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