Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Honeymoon day 2: On the road, mostly

We located a Wild Oats to buy some basic groceries for Mexico (not sure what we could bring across the border but pretty sure we wouldn't be able to find soymilk in Puerto Penasco), then got on the road by 11 or so. The border crossing was so quick as to be almost nonexistent; no one said anything to us and the green light went on almost as soon as we stopped our car at the gate. The directions to the resort were terrible; luckily we'd Googled up some better directions to the general area, and once we got closer, signs guided us to the resort.

When we got on the private road leading to the resort, guards stopped us twice along the way and wrote down our license plate numbers. The road was long and the scenery uninspiring. We were a long way from town.

Once we arrived, around 4 p.m., I relaxed; the grounds were pleasant and everyone was bilingual. We got the full honeymoon treatment in our room, with the bed covered with flowers, swans made out of towels, Hershey's kisses in a heart shape, and champagne.

We didn't do much the first day but stroll around the grounds, enjoy a sunset walk on the beach, and attend the party on the beach with a decent buffet of Mexican food and open bar. I should have had more pina coladas since they were delicious, unlike the champagne.

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