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Performing at Cafe du Nord Sept 19 - the funcrunch files

Aug. 31st, 2011 11:57 am Performing at Cafe du Nord Sept 19

I'm performing in yet another Blue Bear School of Music Showcase (lucky number 13!) on September 19 at Cafe du Nord, San Francisco. First up, at 7:10 I'll be singing and playing electric bass and keyboard (not all at once!) on a short set featuring my own arrangements of songs from the movie Shortbus. Accompanying me will be the amazing Jim Peterson on sax and the fabulous Chris Grady on trumpet. Then at 8:30, I'll be singing lead with the band "11th Hour" for a full set on the main stage, with songs spanning genres from R&B to pop to grunge. Our fearless bandleader Jim will be joining us on sax and keys there as well.

No need to RSVP or buy tickets in advance; donate at the door, sliding scale, all to benefit my wonderful non-profit music school. Hope you can make it! (Note that I'll also be taking photos of the other bands at this show, so apologies in advance that I won't have much time to socialize!)

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