Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Honeymoon day 3: Town and tunes

Today we made the long drive back to town to explore Puerto Penasco. We had done a bit of research and found that there was supposedly a vegetarian restaurant. Unfortunately we couldn't find it where the web site said it should be, and the locals we asked didn't seem to think there was such a restaurant anywhere nearby. So we ended up at a place where I managed to order a dish of beans, rice, and vegetables, hoping the beans did not contain lard ("manteca", as I remembered the Spanish word too late to do any good). boyziggy ordered some fajitas that normally came with beef, chicken, and shrimp, and asked for "no carne". So they left off the beef but not the chicken or fish, which is what I figured would happen. Whether in the U.S. or elsewhere, I told him, "meat" to most people means "beef or pork", not "all animal flesh". So, live and learn.

We strolled around town a bit more, but it was rather unimpressive. We finally went to a grocery store to pick up a few food items since we have a kitchenette, wishing that we'd bought more at the health food store back in Phoenix. But it was fun to experience a real foreign market for the first time. My Spanish vocabulary studies paid off, as I remembered enough words to be able to read labels and be pretty sure that we were buying items free of animal products. Of course a lot of the brands were the same as in the U.S., but I specifically wanted to get the Mexican Coca-Cola in the little glass bottles. We would have liked some bread too but it was all sitting out in the open and covered with flies. Other than that, "El Ley" looked pretty much like any American supermarket.

In the evening we went to the restaurant on the hotel grounds, where we again had problems finding vegetarian food. After Ziggy explained we didn't eat meat or cheese, the waiter offered to make us something with chicken. But after I explained both in English and Spanish that we didn't eat meat, chicken, or fish, we were able to get a pasta dish. The linguini might have had eggs in it, but we were willing to be "don't ask, don't tell" vegans in that regard. It is really frustrating that almost every single item on the restaurant and room service menu contains some kind of meat, but Ziggy spoke with the chef and they are willing to accommodate us. (He still has to bring his own soymilk for morning coffee though!)

After dinner we attended "karaoke night". Most of the audience was reluctant to participate, so I ended up singing three songs (aided by two pina coladas): "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me", "Holding Back the Years", and "Bridge Over Troubled Water". I'd performed all of these at karaoke before. The backing music was terrible, sounding like MIDI files, not the full orchestration I'm used to from places like The Mint, and the videos were stock footage totally unrelated to the songs being played. But we still had a good time. People would come up to me the next day complimenting me on my performance, which was flattering.

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