Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Action-packed week

I had an unusually busy and social week. On Monday I performed at the Blue Bear School of Music showcases at Cafe du Nord. My first set was four songs from the movie Shortbus, which I love (both the film and the soundtrack). I changed the guitar parts to piano and bass parts, and was accompanied my Blue Bear workshop teacher Jim Peterson on sax and my friend Chris Grady on trumpet. It was tricky transcribing all the parts, but we pulled it off with only a single short rehearsal. I was particularly concerned about my solo bass rendition of Jay Brannan's song Soda Shop, but I got through that pretty cleanly as well.

My second set was with Jim's rock/soul/R&B workshop, 11th Hour. I was the only singer, and really enjoyed myself. We had a good group of guys. boyziggy took photos, and is working on editing the audio so I can hopefully get videos up soon.

In-between and on the next two days, I shot photos of all the other bands. Nineteen acts played in total. I spent about nine hours shooting and nineteen hours editing to produce 580 finished photos, which are linked from my Blue Bear page. Orders are already rolling in, which is reassuring.

Despite all the editing work, I managed to get out for some fun and relaxation this week as well. On Friday night I attended a great house concert by Jonathan Mann, aka the "Song a Day" guy, who has been writing, recording, and publishing a song every single day for coming up on 1000 days now. He performed and recorded song #995 at the house concert, and I was happy to be there to sing along. He's performing the big #1000 at a CD release party at the Red Devil Lounge in San Francisco this Wednesday; well worth checking out!

On Saturday night I was invited to attend Perverts Put Out, which I hadn't been to in years. This was the "Folsom Street Fair Edition" so I expected a lot of kinky sex stories, and was not disappointed. Even though some of the topics exceeded my personal squick threshold (as I'm actually fairly vanilla myself), the humor made up for it. Very fun.

Finally on Sunday I attended the simulcast of San Francisco Opera's Turandot at AT&T park. I'd been to "Opera in the Ballpark" twice before, but this was the first time they had a matinee; it was nice sitting in a T-shirt munching on garlic fries rather than shivering under a blanket. The performance was excellent, with Leah Crocetto as Liu giving a particularly standout performance. Thanks to boyziggy getting Friends and Family tickets, I got to sit in the club level of the stadium along with my good friends thomwatson and jefftabaco.

Sunday was also my seventh wedding anniversary with boyziggy, so after the opera we met up at our new favorite restaurant, Source, for a fabulous vegan meal. Absolutely love that place. Here's to many more years with my love!

Whew, busy week; now ready to relax at home for awhile!
Tags: bass, concert, photography, singing, work

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