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Bridge to Bridge race report, and future plans

Enjoyed the beautiful weather for today's Bridge to Bridge race, which I hadn't run since 2005. Two years in a row I signed up and then ended up not going, so this year I made sure to follow through.

I love that so many races start at the Ferry Building, as it's about a 25 minute walk from my home, which is a perfect warm-up. Checked my hoodie at the sweats truck and quickly shed my shirt as well, as though it was only in the mid-60s I knew I'd get warm quickly. Was disappointed that there were no pace markers in between "9 min/mile" and "Walkers/baby joggers", so I lined up just in front of the latter, figuring on an 11 min/mile pace.

Nothing remarkable during the race itself, other than the volunteers being a bit slow at the water stations, but I always bring my Camelbak. Actually smiled when heading up the hill from Aquatic Park to Fort Mason. After we crested a fellow runner remarked "I like this part better", to which I couldn't help but reply "I run up this hill every week; I'm used to it." I did not, however, enjoy the hill going into the Presidio just before the finish line.

Did my usual finishing sprint, crossing in 48:15 for a pace of 10:44/mile for the 4.5 mile run (a bit over 7K, as admitted on the race web site). Exhaustive details below:

Date: 10/2/2011 9:00 AM
Type: Race
Course: Bridge to Bridge 7K
Distance: 4.5 miles
Duration: 48:15
Pace: 10:44 / mile
Equipment: Newton Motion AW (Silver)
Weight: 125.0 lb
Field Placement: 517 / 1122 (46.1%)
Age group: 40 – 49
Group Placement: 68 / 176 (38.6%)
Gender Placement: 278 / 738 (37.7%)
Weather: 65° F, Sunny
Event URL:
Notes: Distance not certified; distance is according to event web site. Mile markers also suspect.
Calories: 425
VO2 Max: 27.8

Intervals (Mile splits)

1 Interval 1 mi 10:55.13
2 Interval 1 mi 10:39.33
3 Interval 1 mi 11:45.97 Hill
4 Interval 1 mi 9:52.65 Accuracy questionable
5 Interval 0.5 mi 5:04.63

Races I'm planning to attend during the remainder of this year:

November 6: DSE Kennedy Drive 8K

November 13: DSE Embarcadero 10K

November 27: Run Wild for a Child 5K/10K (For each person who signs up through this link, $5 will be donated to the San Francisco Firefighters Toy Program.)

December 4: DSE Ferry Building 4M

December 11: DSE Arts & Sciences 5K

I'll also be volunteering at the finish line of next week's DSE Polo Field 5K. Looking forward to more fun at the races!
Tags: fitness

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