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Yahoo Personals can bite me.

So I was feeling good about myself after walking all the way home from work for the first time (45 minutes, up and down hills, though more down than up I'll admit). I decided to check my PolyMatchMaker mailbox, though I've had rather poor luck with that service. As usual, no messages, and no new matches. I considered posting on Craigslist again, as that's how I found my current partner, but that site isn't very poly-friendly unfortunately.

So I decided to check out Yahoo, figuring I might at least reach a wider audience. The last time I posted there, over two years ago, I was single and posted in both the women-seeking-men and women-seeking-women sections. I was bombarded with banal and/or overtly sexual replies from men who obviously took no time to read and digest the text of my ad. Since then Yahoo Personals has changed to a paid subscription service, but it is still free to post ads, so after browsing I decided what the hell, I might as well try again.

I started creating my women-seeking-women ad, copying the text from my current PolyMatchMaker ad. When I got to the section on current relationship status, none of the selections applied. Hmm. I figured I'd better actually read their guidelines:

Do not post an ad unless you are single, widowed, divorced or separated. If you are currently involved in a relationship you cannot post an ad. Do not post an ad that solicits married people.

Do not post an ad that solicits multiple partners or additional partners for existing couples.

Since when did you enter the morals business, Yahoo? Bite me twice.

P.S. Welcome boyziggy!!! I got a paid account just to get my sweetie an invite code, so I didn't have to bother zyxwvut and his friends again. :-)

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