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Year in review - 2011

Well, I'm glad to say that 2011 was better than 2010 for me in nearly all respects. Still plenty of room for improvement, but I am making progress.


I made significantly more money than last year, owing more to price increases on my a-la-carte images than an increase in the number of paid gigs. Still far from a self-supporting income, and may never get there, but I'm more than covering my direct business expenses.

My favorite photos of the year include two from the wedding of my friends plymouth and auros. I was happy to finally attend their beautiful wedding after shooting their engagement two years ago.

I also found a large photographer community on Google+, which launched this year. The level of interaction on my own photos isn't all that much, though, despite having over 5000 followers to date.


I performed live on stage twice this year, both in Blue Bear workshops at Cafe du Nord. In February I played bass and boyziggy played keyboard. I didn't promote this event much as I was disappointed with the performance of some of the other band members. In September I had a much better experience, performing in two sets, singing and playing keyboard and bass. Videos here.

I recently formed a band with the drummer from my September workshop and guitar player from one of his previous workshops. We're still in the very early stages; we don't even have a name yet.

I also worked on some classical music during my retreat, where I had access to a real piano.


My overall physical health was pretty decent this year, though I did suffer some bouts of fatigue and depression, and had my first and hopefully last root canal. I achieved my goal weight of 125 pounds (BMI: 21.5) mid-way through the year, and have maintained it without much effort. A high-starch, low-fat vegan diet (I've been exclusively vegan, other than honey, since February) and exercise have helped in that regard.

Bloodwork revealed no deficiencies other than low vitamin D, which I corrected with increased amounts of sun exposure and a small amount of fortified soymilk. I've taken no medications or nutritional supplements other than Vitamin B12 this year.

I was more consistent with formal exercise this year, though I still had large gaps in my running logs. I competed in eleven races this year: six 5Ks, one 7K, three 10Ks, and one 12K. I set a PR in the Big Gay 10K in August (1:08:13, 10:59 pace).


I was hesitant to start any new romantic relationships after last year's experiences, but in September I met a wonderful man, Ben, who played sax on a couple of songs in my Blue Bear workshop. We've been dating ever since that showcase, and are getting along splendidly. He and boyziggy get along great too; the three of us enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner together. My relationship with Ben is a bright spot in my life and the highlight of my year.


Besides Ben, the best thing to happen to me this year was my participation in Food Not Bombs. I started volunteering with the San Francisco chapter this spring, cooking and serving vegan meals to the homeless (and whoever else stops by) every Wednesday. The veganism and pacifism align perfectly with my own values.

Looking forward

I don't like making New Year's resolutions, but there are many goals I have for the coming year. These include: Making music every day, working out on a regular basis, and (re-)learning Spanish. With my health reasonably stable and our financial situation improving, I'm hoping to have more mental and physical energy to concentrate on these things.
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