Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Honeymoon day 5: Nothing but the sun

We spent most of today lounging at the beach and pool. In the morning we walked to the edge of the water but were afraid to wade in after reading warnings about stingrays. We did take photos and collect many beautiful shells. I tried swimming in the pool some more, and despite using sunscreen got a mild sunburn.

While relaxing on the beach we watched the staff rake up seaweed, stuff it into plastic bags, and haul it away. We were trying to figure out why and how often they did this. Over a dozen people were out there gathering seaweed for hours. It made me sad that they were spending all this effort trying to make the beach look more beautiful for their rich American clients.

We napped a bit (outside and inside), watched the Presidential debate on CNN (yawn), then headed to the hotel restaurant for "Mexican night". They made beans without lard especially for us (at boyziggy's request). I stuffed myself with those beans, guacamole, chips, and churros. A band of Mexican musicians serenaded us. Ziggy got a weird blue flaming Mexican coffee prepared tableside (I ran back to the room to get him some soymilk).

Ziggy paid $25 (U.S.) for a week of unlimited Internet access, one of the few decent deals here at the resort, so I'm going to the "cybercafe" to post this now. I wish we had access from our rooms or, even better, wifi on the beach! But at the same time I'm enjoying spending most of my time away from the computer for a change. It was really pleasant to just lie around without a watch doing nothing for hours today, though I do wish I'd remembered to pack a book (other than "Mastering Spanish Vocabulary"). Very different from my usual routine.

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