Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Birthday run

42K for my 42nd birthday

To celebrate my 42nd birthday this week, I decided to run 42K, or about 26 miles (the length of a marathon). I'd run further than this before, but not for awhile. For an extra challenge, on my actual birthday today I set out to run nine miles, a distance I haven't run in nearly a year.

Today was about 50 degrees and sunny; a beautiful day to run along the Marina and Crissy Field, out to Fort Point. I enjoyed a crystal-clear view of the Golden Gate Bridge. I used intervals of nine minutes running to one minute walking, following the Jeff Galloway run-walk method which I normally use for runs lasting much longer than an hour.

I was pretty tired by the last mile, but I pushed through and finished. boyziggy had my favorite birthday breakfast, champurrado (chocolate Mexican porridge), waiting for me when I got home.

Time to rest and enjoy a weekend of food, music, and snuggles with Ziggy, my sweetie Ben, and other friends. And perhaps ponder the meaning of life, the universe, and everything...

P.S. The above screenshot is from RunningAHEAD, a great site I recommend to all exercise enthusiasts, not just runners. My data on there is currently private, but I also have a public profile (as funcrunch) on Fitocracy, and would love more friends to join me there for mutual motivation!
Tags: fitness

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