Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

On vegans and sweets

Today boyziggy was doing some volunteer work for the Girl Scouts, so I asked if he could possibly get some free cookies. I remembered hearing at some point that at least one of their cookies was vegan. But when I Googled "vegan girl scout cookies" I discovered that it isn't so simple to determine which; it depends on which bakery is used. The Girl Scout FAQ says that the cookies are only offered for a limited time each year so they can't meet all specialty demands, which I think is perfectly reasonable. So I told Ziggy forget it, I don't really need the cookies that badly.

Being vegan helps me keep my weight under control not because plant foods are necessarily healthier or less fattening than animal products. It's because being vegan helps me resist "mainstream" treats when I'm outside my home. If I were vegan strictly for health reasons it would be much harder to summon the willpower, but having other reasons makes it easier to say no to sweets containing dairy and eggs.

I don't feel deprived, though, because I live in San Francisco where there's an abundant supply of vegan treats. boyziggy and I have agreed that it's easier to say no to a slice of nonvegan cake at a party when we know we can get one just as good at Ananda Fuara or Source. Dark chocolate without dairy is not difficult to find; my sweetie Ben introduced me to the most wonderful chocolate I'd ever tasted, from Poco Dolce (available at Whole Foods Market). And there's always mail order; Ziggy often orders me birthday and Valentine's treats from Chocolate Decadence.

Sure, all these things are less convenient and more expensive than grabbing a random candy bar at the corner store, but that's kind of the point; special treats should be just that, special.
Tags: health

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