Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Racing and fitness status

I'm continuing to race with the Dolphin South-End Runners. Four races so far this year, including the one on New Year's Day. Last Sunday was the Embarcadero 10K which closely followed my normal training route. Unfortunately I was at the tail end of a bad cold and hadn't run for a week, so wasn't feeling well for most of the run. Still managed to finish in 1:12:29, not much different from my normal training pace.

I expected to perform better at yesterday's 5K at Crissy Field, but I guess I was still tired from jogging roughly 2 1/2 miles to the starting line (the one time I took the bus, it was so slow I hated it), so finished in about 35:32 (official time still pending). Losing an hour of sleep to the time change may have also been a factor. My next planned race will be the Walt Stack 10K on April Fool's Day.

I'm glad to continue being a part of this club as the races are very inexpensive and don't require advance registration, and help motivate me to continue working out. I always feel lonely there though. Few of my friends are runners, and fewer still are willing or able to come out to these races. I've tried chatting with people at the races, especially when I volunteer for finish line duty, but I'm not particularly good at making (and keeping) new friends. The one guy I can always count on having a conversation with is the club photographer, 70 years old with over 1000 races under his belt. He races nearly every weekend and easily beats me every single time. Humbling.

I've been more consistent with running than any other exercise, but I am still doing occasional stairs workouts (up to 10 complete up-and-down laps of the 168 stairs now), brisk walking, and some stretching and strengthening exercises. I've got dumbbells and am now looking into getting a weight bench.

My eating is well under control; still staying with the high-starch, low-fat vegan (other than honey) diet style, and not feeling hungry or deprived. My weight has stayed within two pounds of 125 (BMI 21.5) since I began weighing myself daily in December. I originally did this to help boyziggy, not because I wanted to lose weight (though he did), and just stuck to it out of habit. I might get my fat percentage formally measured at some point, as that's a more useful indicator than body mass index.

The best thing about working out regularly and being at a weight I'm comfortable with is having more stamina and desire to move. I walk up hills without a thought that would have really intimidated me when we moved to SF nine years ago, and I frequently walk up to two miles just to avoid taking the bus. It feels good to use my legs. I'm fortunate and glad as always to live in a city with mild year-round weather.

Tags: fitness, health

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