Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Fine-tuning health

I'm enjoying a bowl of quinoa with raisins, walnuts, and vanilla almond milk while writing this and thinking about my health and fitness status. I've adhered to a vegan (other than honey) diet style for well over a year now, happily, without feeling hungry or deprived. I've maintained my weight at within three pounds of 125 (BMI: 21.5) since at least October (possibly earlier; I was not weighing myself consistently). I did indulge in too many high-fat, refined vegan treats on our recent two-week trip to visit family, so I'm recommitting now to cooking healthier foods at home, much closer to the low-fat, high-starch McDougall plan, and getting up early with boyziggy to prepare breakfast and lunches for him now that he's back at work full-time.

I'm much more interested in my overall health and fitness than the number on the scale at this point. I'm still not exercising consistently, partly as I've had issues with low energy. I've always been vulnerable to sudden changes in the weather, and the temperature went from 40 degrees to near-90 and humid in a three-day period while we were in Pittsburgh and the DC area. This kind of temperature swing often results in me getting sick, and I'm monitoring my health particularly carefully now that I was bitten by a tick, which probably attached itself when I was in the woods in Maryland. (I sent a photo of it to my doctor and we saved the tick in the frig, so we can have it analyzed for Lyme if that becomes necessary, but I don't think it was a deer tick. I really hope not.)

So my priorities now are to boost my energy and immunity. In addition to eating more greens and less refined/processed food, I've established a more regular sleep schedule, and am cutting down on caffeine. I'm taking probiotic capsules, reluctantly, as I hate taking any kind of pills (I take a B12 tablet weekly and that's it), but I need to give them a fair trial to see if they help boost the beneficial bacteria in my gut. More sunshine should help too.
Tags: fitness, health, mcdougall

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