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Halfway through June fitness month - the funcrunch files

Jun. 16th, 2012 11:17 am Halfway through June fitness month

Doing really well on my June fitness plan. Haven't missed a single workout yet, and in fact have gone beyond in some cases. Like yesterday, when I didn't get started on my run till about 12:30 and didn't want to deal with the likely crowds at the Palace of Fine Arts, I tacked on a couple of extra miles and ran to the far end of Crissy Field instead. Nearly eight miles rather than my usual six, and I managed it without walking breaks, albeit at a slow pace. Actually felt good afterwards; did my stretches and crunches in the afternoon as I was going to be out in the evening (made the mistake of waiting till nearly midnight to do them Thursday when I got back from a late evening out, and that was really, really hard), walked a mile and a half to meet friends for dinner afterward and still felt fine.

I had been feeling really tired during the day in between workouts, but I think my body is now getting used to the routine, so I should have more energy for other activities. Printing the schedule out and crossing off each day has been a great motivator. Glad that I have today completely off though!


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