Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

What I eat

I think some (though certainly not all) omnivores and even some vegetarians don't get us vegans because they can't figure out how a meal without animal products could be tasty, filling, or even healthy. I've been very happy with my diet over the last year, which has been great fuel for my workouts.

Here's what I ate yesterday, which is pretty typical, except that Saturday is my non-workout day so I ate a bit less than I normally would. When I'm home most of the day like I was yesterday, I don't divide meals into neat breakfast/lunch/dinner segments.

Three cups of black tea with sugar and soymilk

Large bowl of brown rice with a blend of almond milk, peaches, and dates

Two medium-sized burritos on lowfat wheat-corn tortillas with fat-free refried beans, onions, garlic, salsa, scallions, lettuce, tomatoes, and nutritional yeast-almond blend

Large bowl of "fried" rice (oil-free) with brown rice, broccoli, cashews, scallions, garlic, ginger, and reduced-sodium tamari

Cup of hot cocoa with fat-free cocoa powder, sugar and almond milk

I have no idea of the calories or nutritional breakdown of the above menu. I could put it into the CRON-o-Meter, but it's not worth the effort. I eat when I'm hungry and stop just before I'm full, then if I'm still hungry ten minutes later, I eat some more. If I had worked out that day, I probably would have had at least another piece of fruit and maybe a second helping of fried rice, and/or some bread.

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