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Honeymoon day 6: A bit of shopping - the funcrunch files

Oct. 2nd, 2004 02:17 pm Honeymoon day 6: A bit of shopping

Yesterday we headed back to town to do a little shopping.

Again we had trouble getting vegan food, but at least they only put cheese in our lunch instead of meat this time. I bought a dress and one of those scratchy Mexican jackets that I didn't even particularly want but they kept lowering the price and I have trouble negotiating and saying "no". People are always coming up trying to sell us stuff for money, whether it's little kids selling trinkets, guitar players wandering into the restaurant offering to serenade you at your table, or a guy in the supermarket parking lot washing your car. Well I guess I really shouldn't complain considering the number of people back home who just ask for handouts.

boyziggy got a T-shirt and a pair of sunglasses (despite being in a "sunglasses of the month" club, he hated the one pair he brought with him and ended up giving them to the guy who sold him the new ones). We had snow cones at a cute coffee shop that had a logo which reminded Ziggy of Starbucks, and we actually found a place that served soymilk (in a sort of gringo section of town; everything was in English). Did a little more grocery shopping, though with only a couple of days to go we didn't want to be stuck with too much food that we probably can't take back across the border. The supermarket is about the only place where we've spent pesos rather than American dollars; all the merchants in town want dollars, and everything at the resort is charged to our Visa card (very handy for ordering drinks poolside). The exchange rate when we got pesos at the airport was about 10.4 to 1; it would be good to use them up somewhere before we head back home.

I played with my new GPS for the first time too. It apparently has a basemap of the entire world built into it. I marked a waypoint for the resort parking lot and then told it to find the nearest cities, and Puerto Penasco came right up. I could follow on the GPS map our journey between town and the hotel, not that we needed it but it was fun. I'm glad I upgraded, though there are so many options on each screen that it will take some getting used to.

We were considering going on a biosphere tour (and there was a geocache nearby which is part of why I packed the GPS), but were warned that it would be over 100 degrees and we weren't properly prepared for the hike, either with the car we rented or the clothing we brought (I really wish I'd thought to bring my Camelbak). Ziggy was also considering going snorkeling but we also scrapped that for logistical reasons. So we're just basically relaxing at the resort, which is fine. And zyxwvut and zahraa, I'm not spending much time on the computer at all, probably less than 15 minutes a day really. Ziggy is spending a lot more time in the cybercafe than I am, but he finds web surfing enjoyable and it's our vacation so why not?

Later we went swimming again, though it was too chilly for the outdoor pool and there were a lot of loud kids in the indoor one. Still not making much progress in my attempts to learn how to swim.

In a little while when Ziggy wakes up from his siesta, we'll probably play some air hockey and later head back to the pool or beach. It's been a fun vacation but we're both looking forward to going home tomorrow. I don't head back to work till Wednesday so we'll have a couple more days to relax.

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Date:October 3rd, 2004 10:55 pm (UTC)

Upgraded GPS

Now, how am I going to get your current one when you're tired of it? ;-7

Did my own first solo geocache today. (Yes, it's one of cyan_blue's...)


P.S.: As to why not websurf on honeymoon: because you could do that at home for far less expense? %-}
Date:October 4th, 2004 01:29 pm (UTC)

Re: Upgraded GPS

t? ;-7</em>

Wait about 2 years ;-)

Did my own first solo geocache today. (Yes, it's one of cyan_blue's...)

Congrats! We should all go 'caching together sometime.

P.S.: As to why not websurf on honeymoon: because you could do that at home for far less expense? %-}

250 pesos, about $22 U.S., was worth it to boyziggy to stay connected for the week. If we had had to pay by the hour we might have thought differently, but Ziggy brought his laptop so we got a flat rate.