Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Honeymoon days 7-8: Relaxation and return

Saturday was our last full day at the resort.

We did nothing special Saturday, just relaxed at the pool, walked on the beach, waded into the ocean a bit (still afraid to go far because of stingrays - boyziggy wore his shoes), had a decent Italian buffet dinner at the restaurant. Our total bill came to a bit more than we expected; Ziggy had tallied all the receipts, but we found out that the 15% discount promised us for enduring the timeshare presentation only applied to the restaurants, not the many pina coladas we had at the pool and elsewhere. Oh well, can't complain much since the room was free.

We got up early Sunday intending to stop into town one last time, but ended up heading straight for the border. The border crossing took longer going into the U.S., as we expected, but mostly because we were waiting in a line of cars. When we got to the gate the officer just asked us if we were U.S. citizens, had a very quick look in our trunk, and we were on our way. One other border patrol stop later on, even shorter. Hardly needed to bother with passports for this trip but I'm glad we had them just in case.

Sometime after crossing the border I took out my GPS, and sometime after that noted that we appeared to be heading the wrong way. Ziggy was pretty sure that we weren't, but I was concerned that we were no longer seeing highway signs saying how many more miles we had to go to Phoenix. We pulled over and after consulting the GPS (good thing since we didn't have any real statewide Arizona maps handy) realized that we were in fact heading to Tucson. We were able to head back the right direction without backtracking much, but I'm really glad I had the Vista with me; the basemap with freeways etc. marked proved very handy.

Also after crossing the border we found out that we could no longer charge anything to our new-ish Visa card. Ziggy figured the issuers thought the large charge from a resort in a foreign country didn't really fit our spending patterns, which proved to be the case when we phoned them to straighten it out. Seemed strange since we'd only had the card for a couple of weeks, and that it only took their computers a couple of hours (or less) to put a hold on the card from the time we checked out of the resort.

So after a rest stop I pointed the GPS to the first of three caches I had printed out, near the hotel where we stayed last week but not too far from the airport and we had plenty of time to kill. On the way we saw a sign for a Rainbow gathering of some sort. We parked and found ourselves at a gay pride festival! It was free and had all the same sorts of vendors we were used to from SF - too hot to stay for very long. Neat to walk right into that unexpectedly in downtown Phoenix though.

We found the first geocache easily a few blocks away from the festival. The second we skipped over as a friendly "Ask me!" Phoenix guide-person intervened. We managed to evade him and find the third, then went back and looked for awhile for the last but had to give up as we were getting tired and it was time to head to the airport.

Flight was uneventful. Couldn't change all our pesos back to dollars at the airport as they didn't take coins (I wanted to keep some as souvenirs anyway). Caught BART and cable car home, found that phone and answering machine had been turned off all week (mental note to Ziggy to check which power strips he's turning off next time). Plants still alive and mail gathered thanks to Gregor. My Mac display wouldn't power on due (most likely) to a problem with the video card which I've been putting off getting fixed for months. After about 20 tries and Ziggy reseating the card we gave up and I'm going to try to get an appointment at the Apple store before I head back to work Wednesday. I can access web etc. on my PC but I need my Mac to do photo and video stuff for the wedding and honeymoon. Good thing I got the extended warranty coverage; I have made use of that on every Mac I've purchased it for so far.

We loved our honeymoon but we're happy to be home. We ate a small slice of our wedding cake tonight, just to celebrate and because we barely ate anything at the wedding being so distracted and busy that day. Thank-you notes are next on the agenda.

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