Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Further kitchen adventures

boyziggy and I are now making our own soymilk and almond milk! This is a small but important step which will eliminate a lot of non-recyclable aseptic packaging; we use a lot of nondairy milk.

I actually made my own almond milk many years ago, before it became widely available commercially, using a VitaMix and straining through cheesecloth. Ziggy reminded me that the soymilk maker that a friend had gifted him would make almond milk as well, and it was indeed easier, though the suggested recipe took some tweaking. And I'd never tried to make soymilk before, so was glad to have a machine to do it.

In any case, I can't really recommend the machine we're using (many of the bad reviews are accurate) and we'll probably be looking for a different model soon. But for now it works OK.

Next up to switch to homemade with be vegetable broth. The only other foods we've been buying regularly in aseptic packaging are coconut water, which I've been drinking less and less frequently, and silken tofu, which we don't use all that often. And although cans and jars are recyclable, I'm already cooking my own beans, and really need to start making my own pasta sauce again; both freeze well.

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