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Happy anniversary Ben - the funcrunch files — LiveJournal

Sep. 24th, 2012 08:53 am Happy anniversary Ben

Last summer I was singing in a Blue Bear workshop which rehearsed on Mondays from 6-8:30. Right after us, another band came in for the 8:30-11 rehearsal slot, so we saw each other for a few minutes in the transition. The sax player in that band, Ben, was a cute guy sporting long hair with an adorable skinny braid on each side; I couldn't help but notice him.

Ben and the 8:30 band's trombone player were recruited to provide a horn section on two songs for our group. Ben showed up for one of our final rehearsals, offsite without the teacher. I tried to chat him up a bit, but we were both too shy. Then the night of the performance, as I was going over a difficult song from my solo bass set one last time, Ben came up and watched me, grinning. He recognized that I was doing the song "Soda Shop" by Jay Brannan, from the movie Shortbus. As this was a somewhat obscure piece, I was surprised, and wanted to take the time to talk with him about it, but was too busy trying to get ready for my set. I later did get a chance to chat with him again just before our mainstage set, complimenting his hair with the tiny braids. Best and most I could do, considering I didn't know anything about his relationship status.

Julie and Ben

We performed together on the songs Hard to Handle and It's Your Thing. After the show I acquired his e-mail address for the ostensible purpose of sending him links to the photos and videos from the set. Once I had his name, I checked him out on Facebook and found the magical relationship status, "It's complicated". I took the risk to ask him out for coffee. Somehow he escalated this to a first date at a Perverts Put Out erotic reading.

That was one year ago. We've been together ever since. Happy anniversary my love!

P.S. I am quite the lucky woman this week as I have back-to-back anniversaries. Tomorrow I'll be writing about boyziggy as we celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary. Hooray for open, trusting relationships!

Birthday at Source

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Date:September 24th, 2012 07:53 pm (UTC)

mmmm, freak flags

I corroborate this story, except that I was in the 6:00 band and you were in the 8:30, because you both rehearsed and performed after us. :) (11 was considered too late for our still-in-high-school drummer to be out rehearsing -- with her early-bird mother, no less -- on a school night.)

During the shift change after our first rehearsal, I thought, "WOW, hot singer," but it just wouldn't do to hit on every beautiful woman one meets at Blue Bear, now would it? So I put it out of my mind, but happily, it came back weeks later when I recognized with a jolt that she was practicing "Soda Shop". Hey, she might not be a nice girl after all! But "hey, cool song, let's talk about that John Cameron Mitchell sex movie" still seemed a little forward, and one certainly can't spring it on someone who's about to go onstage.

So songs were performed, and FB contacts were made, and I made my own covert relationship status check, to find: "Screwin': Ziggy Tomcich" (Setting your FB language to English(Pirate) is a hoot, if you've never tried it.) I did a spit-take and had to switch back to the Queen's English momentarily to find that that was Piratical for "In an open relationship with:" (That translation has since been changed; it now reads, "A saucy rover in the company of:")

You may be thinking at this point in the narrative: flirting with her or bringing up Shortbus was too forward, but inviting her to Perverts Put Out wasn't? No, it was, but it was what I was doing the following evening, and it was either that or wait a week, and I was in no mood to wait. Happily, it all worked out juuuuuuust fine.

It's been a glorious year, my love. Thank you for... well, for being you. <3
Date:September 24th, 2012 08:21 pm (UTC)

Re: mmmm, freak flags

Yikes, can't believe I forgot what order we rehearsed in! Well, doesn't really matter much to the story. (As you know I've been in so many Blue Bear workshops, I can't keep the times/dates straight!)

"Saucy rover" indeed! So glad everything worked out my love. Here's to many more years...