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Mac's in the shop

We took my G5 in to the Apple Store for repairs today. I was on the phone with Apple tech support this morning trying to convince them that the problem was the video card so that they would send me a new one, per the tech note I'd looked up. But they said they couldn't confirm I had the specific video card affected without pulling up the system profile information, which I couldn't view since the video wouldn't display. Duh! So rather than wait for on-site repair to get around to making an appointment (glad I got the three-year extended warranty regardless) we just got a City Car Share and schlepped the thing down to the Apple Store downtown.

At the store they said it could take 5 days to repair, but hopefully less if they just do the video card swap and that fixes it. While waiting for my "Genius Bar" appointment I chatted with a cool guy from London who was there with his team of techs that is opening an Apple Store there. We talked about transit options in London vs SF. Now that boyziggy and I have passports, we'd like to visit England someday.

The damn Apple Store wouldn't keep my G5 box, so Ziggy re-reserved the same City Car Share VW bug to pick me up as the huge box, though light, was too unwieldy to take on a crowded bus or cable car. Should have just gotten the on-site repair I guess, especially if it does take them 5 days to fix the damn thing. I really hope they fix it by the weekend so I can work on honeymoon photos, and video from the wedding if we get it from the videographer by then. I hate using my PC and I'd rather not use Ziggy's Mac as it will be a lot slower to process video (400 mhz G4 vs 1.8 Ghz G5). At least I can still check e-mail and do web stuff on my Windoze XP box in the meantime.

UPDATE: Apple Store amazingly got my Mac fixed before 7 p.m. today, the same day I dropped it off. Apparently the video card was loose, even though Ziggy had already reseated it. Well, I'm now really glad I had AppleCare so I didn't have to pay $85 for them to just shove the card in more firmly, though I feel bad that Ziggy had to drive me around to take care of it. At least I can work on getting the honeymoon photos posted now.

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