Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

VeganMofo 13: Volunteering: The Free Farm Stand

Free Farm Stand

For the last two months I have been volunteering at The Free Farm Stand, a wonderful place where we give away food grown at local gardens including The Free Farm as well as surplus from farmers markets and neighborhood fruit trees, flowers, and plant starters for our guests to grow in their own gardens.

Free Farm Stand

Free Farm Stand

The produce we have available varies by the season. I love looking at all the colorful vegetables and fruits, and learning the names of the unusual varieties.

Free Farm Stand

Free Farm Stand

We also give away bread donated by the Acme Bread Company and local cooperative Arizmendi Bakery.

Free Farm Stand

To control flow and ensure everyone gets an equal chance, we hand out numbers and call people in small groups, handing them each item individually. Often we give out numbers to nearly 200 people during the 2-3 hours, split into two servings. (These photos were taken after the second food delivery that day.)

Free Farm Stand

We have a wide variety of ethnicities represented at the Farm Stand, both amongst volunteers and guests. Many speak Spanish or Chinese as a first language. I have restarted my Spanish studies with the hope of being able to better communicate with our guests.

Free Farm Stand

Coming to the farm stand with an empty bag, you leave with it full of produce and your wallet no lighter for the exchange. As it should be. Free vegan food to the people!

More photos of the Free Farm Stand here. If you're local or visiting the Bay Area, come visit us! We start handing out numbers at noon on Sundays, then distribute food beginning at 1 p.m.
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