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Eat like a hobbit, move like the wind? - the funcrunch files — LiveJournal

Oct. 23rd, 2012 04:40 pm Eat like a hobbit, move like the wind?

I mentioned in a recent entry that I've been suffering from dizzy spells, and my doctor recommended drinking more water and eating five meals a day consistently. I've been doing both, and it seems to be helping. (Blood tests revealed no other problems.)

I don't always get to eat that many times a day, but do try to eat whenever I'm hungry, and only when I'm hungry. If I know I might need to go without food for a few hours, I might eat a bit extra. So at a friend's cookout on Saturday, late afternoon, I stuffed myself with two carrot dogs, a handful or two of chips, a couple pieces of veggie sushi, most of a can of soda, and a brownie, and was full and content till nearly bedtime. (That might not sound like a lot of food, but it more than satisfied my appetite, especially since I got no exercise that day other than a couple of minutes of hula-hooping.)

The next day, however, I managed not only five meals, but a perfect mirror image (however unintentional): oatmeal for breakfast, another carrot dog mid-morning, leftover potato salad mid-afternoon, a final carrot dog early evening, and another bowl of oatmeal mid-evening. (No greens that day, unfortunately, but I rectified that omission shortly thereafter.) I've been feeling faint most often during my shifts at the Free Farm Stand Sunday afternoon, so made sure to pack an actual meal to eat this time rather than just relying on snacks; this helped a lot.

The other issue, which I neglected to mention to my doctor, is that I have very little tolerance for cold. I've always had a pretty narrow temperature comfort range, but I seem even more susceptible to cold now that I'm near my lowest-ever adult weight. Staying physically active seems to help most. At the farm stand, as soon as I arrived I busied myself hauling supplies out from the garden to the lawn. But as soon as all the heavy lifting and set-up was done and I was standing in one place sorting produce, I was jumping up and down trying to stay warm. Similarly, yesterday morning I was out running in a steady rainfall with the temperature around 55 and felt just fine, but standing around or walking at a slow pace in such weather without a warm jacket makes me miserable.

So I need to keep eating, and moving, and hydrating. And sleeping! I really need to get 7-8 hours of sleep a night, plus a short nap when possible. I'm fortunate to have a flexible schedule, so the only barrier to implementing these lifestyle improvements is my own laziness. There's nothing physically wrong with me that can't be corrected with a little work of my own, I'm quite convinced of that by now.

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Date:October 26th, 2012 06:55 am (UTC)
Lower body fat will definitely make you more susceptible to cold. Not much you can do about that other than carry more layers.

Maybe you're suffering from dizzy spells because you're hungry? I know that you're eating when you feel hungry, but you're eating a lot of food that isn't calorie dense, and maybe it's fooling your stomach?
Date:October 26th, 2012 07:04 am (UTC)
Well, I don't want to start eating more calorie-dense food unless I start exercising a lot more vigorously or start losing too much weight; I doubt I'm in danger of the latter, but will keep an eye on things as I move into marathon training.