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VeganMofo 21: Feeding sweetie

Spinach salad

VeganMofo visitors new to my journal may not know that I'm polyamorous. I've been dating my sweetie Ben for over a year with the full knowledge and consent of my husband boyziggy. The three of us shared a vegan Thanksgiving dinner together last year and plan to again this year (and have dined together on several other occasions).

Ben is omnivorous and a foodie, but more than happy to eat vegan cuisine with me; his attitude is, good food is good food! He does prefer to avoid fake meat and dairy products, so when cooking for him I don't think "What would an omni like to eat?" but "What is a tasty meal that we both would like to eat?" Normally he treats me to dinner out, but I do enjoy cooking for him on occasion, and expect I will do so more frequently as I'm becoming more confident and creative in the kitchen.

Yesterday we were watching the World Series (go Giants!) at his other girlfriend's place, where we usually meet (with her full knowledge and consent) when she's not around. Rather than traditional baseball fare (especially as I'd already had my fill of carrot dogs), I decided to go with soup and salad. I brought some ingredients from home, sourced some seasoning from Ben and his girlfriend's kitchen (after confirming what was available), and bought the rest at Whole Foods on the way over.

Rather than my usual boring Romaine-based salad, I decided to get more creative and go with a spinach-and-orange salad, pictured at the top. I combined baby spinach, clementines, red onions, and walnuts, and simply squeezed the juice of a couple of clementines over the top. I had planned to use a can of mandarin oranges with the syrup as the dressing, but couldn't find any; I think fresh turned out to be the better choice in any case. Ben very much enjoyed this salad (as did I).

Bean and corn soup in a bread bowl

For the soup, I went with Bean and Corn Soup from The McDougall Quick and Easy Cookbook, a hearty combination of refried beans, corn, vegetable broth, salsa, and seasonings, garnished with cilantro. This was the first time I used the suggested option of serving it in a bread bowl. We were both very happy with this soup, and there were leftovers for both Ben (he insisted on keeping some, which was flattering) and for boyziggy to take to lunch today.

Yay for vegi-omni harmony! I look forward to cooking for my loved ones for years to come.
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