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VeganMofo 24: Sweet endings

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Happy Halloween! Time for dressing up and eating lots of candy (and for us San Franciscans, watching the Giants victory parade - w00t! Sorry Detroit! ;-) )

I love candy. I try not to keep it around the house because it's so easy to snack on. While sugar is not as bad as many think, most candy, even the fat-free kind, has no real nutritional value and is just a treat. Halloween is a perfect day for treats!

As long as I'm treating myself, I like to get high-quality candy, even though it's more expensive. My sweetie Ben found these gourmet gumdrops at Whole Foods which have natural colors and flavors. I was going to take a photo until I found the exhaustive review and decided to just link to that instead. I like savoring each one of these individually and am not likely to eat more than a couplethree at a time, whereas cheap gumdrops bought at drug stores I just snarf down.

The candy I did picture above is sour stars from our local candy store, which boyziggy bought for one of his SFLasertag events which featured all vegan catering. The proprietor assured him they were vegan, and they were yummy.

Another gourmet option is high-quality dark chocolate, which is often dairy-free. The best I've tasted is by Poco Dulce, which is insanely good and priced to match, so a rare treat indeed. Chocolate Decadence carries many kinds of vegan chocolates, including the cute rhinoceros pictured above.

Mainstream vegan chocolate is getting harder to find, as manufacturers seem to be adding dairy to everything. I have a fond memory of my ex, who was not even vegetarian much less vegan, buying me an extra large Hershey's Special Dark Bar on some occasion, possibly Halloween; he had very little money then, and it was a touching gesture. Now, those bars contain dairy, as do Ghirardelli's. Other kinds of vegan candy are still available in supermarkets and drugstores however; PETA has a list.

Enjoy your sweets! I'll be posting a final wrap-up VeganMofo entry later today.
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