Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

November fitness progress

After a slump in October when I took a week off due to a minor (non-running-related) injury, I got back on track with my running this month. Still missed a couple of runs due a cold, but today's eight mile run in the rain brought the month's mileage to 101, which took over 20 hours. I've kept up with my yoga classes as well, though not always making it on both Mondays and Fridays. My teacher will be away at a retreat for a few weeks, but I will still attend the Monday classes (he won't have a substitute for the Friday one).

Weight has leveled off at about 117 lbs (BMI 20.1), waist size (at navel) holding steady at 27 inches. Focusing on developing more upper body strength and stronger core muscles through the yoga.

Two more races this month (four miles and 10K). Considering adding a track day to get some speedwork in before the half-marathon in February. After that it will be all about building mileage for the full marathon in June.
Tags: fitness

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