Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Happy birthday Ziggy


Today my love boyziggy turns 40 years old. Hard to believe as he still looks just as good to me as when we met in 2001.

We celebrated in the same way as my 40th birthday two years ago, and our wedding reception in 2004, with a big concert party at the San Francisco Mime Troupe. I recruited a number of friends to join me in making music. I personally performed on eight songs, including three solo bass/vocal pieces I arranged myself, and a difficult piano piece with three-part vocal harmony.

The food was strictly vegan, catered once again by Philip Gelb, and was amazing. The cake was gluten-free to boot, created by Sugar Plum Vegan, and it blew us away with its awesomeness.

We had tons of help from wonderful friends, including:
- zyxwvut who MC'd and did a comedy routine
- zahraa who belly-danced and also took photos while I was on stage
- My sweetie Ben who sang and played sax
- My bass teacher Steve who accompanied us on guitar and bass, and did a last minute solo set to fill in for another friend who couldn't make it
- Susan and Tatiana aka Some Good Music who sang with me, Ziggy, and Ben in addition to their own set
- Mark who sang a duet with me
- Claire and Sherman who spent hours helping set up the day before the show and also helped answer the door
- Pat from the Mime Troupe who spent hours helping set up the stage earlier in the week before the show, and helped break down the day after (and we're still not done :-/ )
- Lawton from the Mime Troupe who ran the sound board
- Paul and Shannon who also helped answer the door
- The entire Mime Troupe collective who generously arranged to let us use their space again
- Ziggy's colleagues at the San Francisco Opera who allowed him to use some of their equipment

Apologies if I'm overlooking or forgetting anyone. Ziggy coordinated most of the event; I was focused primarily on the concert planning.

No video this time, but I posted lots of photos to Flickr, and lrc got a lot of great shots as well. (The same photos are also posted on Facebook.)

I doubt we'll plan a party this ambitious again until one of us turns fifty :-) Meanwhile, I'm going to keep making music!

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