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Back into the fray - the funcrunch files

Dec. 26th, 2012 10:05 pm Back into the fray

At the beginning of this month, I reactivated my dormant account on OKCupid. My initial motivation for this was to find a regular, reliable running buddy, especially someone to attend races with. I thought OKC might be a better place for this than a fitness-oriented site because it would be nice to spend time with a like-minded person (not conservative or religious, a smoker, heavy drinker or drug user) rather than just anyone who happened to enjoy running. I'd given up on finding this kind of connection through my current social circles, as nearly everyone seems to be either too busy or simply not interested.

I quickly realized that OKC was really not well-suited to my specific purpose (as I feared), but I have met my more general goal of finding more people who place a high value on physical fitness. Several of the people I've connected with so far are avid cyclists, for example. My own bike is rusting on the balcony, but I have great respect for cyclists (especially those brave enough to deal with the traffic around here).

While emphasizing that I was not looking for a sex partner or primary relationship, I did leave the "long-term relationship" box checked as a possible option. I don't expect I have the bandwidth for another serious romantic partnership alongside boyziggy and Ben, but I prefer to allow each relationship to grow naturally rather than arbitrarily closing off any possibilities. I certainly wasn't looking for another long-term sweetie when I met Ben.

So we'll see where this goes. It's good to expand my social circle regardless.


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