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Jan. 7th, 2013 11:51 pm Decent start to the year

In the first week of 2013 I have:

- Kept my commitment to practice Spanish every day. Now on Pimsleur Phase 4, and have begun (re-)learning the future tense.

- Kept my commitment to practice yoga every day. Even today when I was experiencing significant discomfort and didn't make it to a class I normally attend, I did a (short) practice session on my own. Focusing on the following poses for now: Sun salutation sequence, warrior, plough, shoulder stand, fish, corpse (figure I can always do that last one even if I'm near-death, ha ha). Also simple seated twists and some crunches which I'm not sure are "official" asanas. My teacher calls that sequence "Three-minute abs" :-)

- Kept my commitment to make music every day. In fact, managed to record, with boyziggy's help, two songs from the Beck Song Reader. (Below is the better of the two)

- Did a lot of cooking and also dined out at vegan restaurants with Ziggy and two great fellow vegans, Lindsay aka the Happy Herbivore and Kristin of Will Travel for Vegan Food.

- Got rid of a huge pile of clothes in the beginning of an effort to pare my stuff down by a third or more.

- Ran 22 miles, including over the Golden Gate Bridge. (Just got a new GPS watch; can't wait to try it out tomorrow!)

Gotta keep up this momentum for the rest of the year...

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