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Down on the farm - the funcrunch files — LiveJournal

Jan. 28th, 2013 09:56 pm Down on the farm

(Photo by Tree)

This week I was reminded how much I enjoy my volunteer work at The Free Farm. I felt bad about missing several workdays over the last couple of months due to the cold weather, so fortunately this week, between wearing several layers and doing a lot of shoveling, I was able to stay warm. Our project this Wednesday was to dig up the old strawberry bed and start a new one, using a composting technique called Hügelkultur. Lots of digging was involved, but many hands made light work, as they say, and I enjoyed doing purely physical labor. Though in addition to shoveling, I did take some time to sort through the uprooted plants to see if I could find any ripe strawberries. I managed to salvage a handful or two that were edible, though crunchy, which I shared with the other volunteers. (Fresh strawberries in January!)

Tree has more photos of the project on his blog, along with photos of a tree planting that Saturday which I did not attend.

Meanwhile, this Sunday at the Free Farm Stand I helped give away over 300 pounds of squash!!

(Photo by Tree)

Very happy to have the time to contribute to this meaningful and important work.

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