Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Mostly offline weekend

Our DSL went down Friday evening, and I wasn't able to get service restored until Sunday morning. I'll spare the tech garble details here, but this taught me some important lessons, including:

- I am way too dependent for boyziggy on help understanding the massive numbers of wires and blinky lights in our apartment.

- I am way too dependent on the Internet in general. I survived nine days without it quite well in 2011. This time around I was so stressed I lost sleep over it, despite still being able to check e-mail and browse the web on my cell phone.

- I (still) procrastinate way too much. A big web site overhaul I should have finished months ago I had planned to get a fair amount of work done on this weekend. My target date of Thursday is not going to happen at this point, but I have a fallback plan to get up the content I need up by then.

Despite the outage, I still had a great weekend. Friday night I went with Ben and his partner to see the Lesbian/Gay Chorus of San Francisco, which I enjoyed so much that I'm going to audition with them in a couple of weeks. It's been a long time since I've been in a chorus (Berkeley Community Chorus and Berkeley Broadway Singers back in 2000), and it would be great to do that kind of singing again.

Saturday afternoon, Ben and I performed three songs from Beck's Song Reader at our friends' Some Good Music artists' salon. For me this collection of sheet music is tailor-made for gathering around a piano in someone's living room, so it was great to have the opportunity to do exactly that.

Then we, along with Chad who also attended the salon and helped with the filming, had a great dinner at Udupi Palace, a vegetarian Indian restaurant in the Mission that I can't believe I've never been to before. I had wanted to go to Dosa across the street, but they had an hour-long wait, so Chad suggested Udupi. I love dosa. They make one that's two feet long!!

Humongous dosa at Udupi Palace

Unfortunately with the stress from the Internet outage, sleep deprivation from same, and the excitement from the salon performance, I completely forgot to do yoga on Saturday, thus ending my streak. Still going on the daily Spanish and music practice though!

Today after my Free Farm Stand shift (sunny and nice) I dug through my boxes of sheet music to find some jazz standards to potentially work on with Chad (who also plays piano). We attended a jam session at Savanna Jazz the other night but I didn't feel prepared to sing then, so I wanted to have something ready for next time. (Though if I get into the Lesbian/Gay Chorus, rehearsal nights will conflict with Savanna's current jam nights, there are certainly other places in the city that have them.) I gave him Satin Doll and a couple of songs from my last jazz recital which I've been dying to do again sometime, When Sunny Gets Blue and Triste. (It isn't jazz without Jobim!)
Tags: concert, singing

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