Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Offline for 24 hours

I'm joining the National Day of Unplugging and avoiding Internet use for 24 hours beginning at 6 p.m. today. Will also avoid TV and other computer use, other than playing music via iTunes while I'm cleaning house.

This downtime is sorely needed; I've been meaning to incorporate more offline time ever since my June 2011 retreat, yet have been unsuccessful in avoiding the pull of the Internet, as was evident when our DSL went out for a day last month. I have cut way down on mobile use, at least, completely eliminating check-in services (Foursquare, etc.) and Twitter, and never checking e-mail, surfing the web, or texting while I'm in motion. I'm so tired of people on the sidewalk almost running into me because they're staring down at their phones rather than looking at the world around them. Switching to Ting for cell phone service has also helped, as my data use is now metered rather than unlimited; I can save $10 a month by staying under 100MB while not on WiFi.

Facebook is one app I would remove entirely from my phone if I could do so without rooting it. I'd long since given up trying to keep track of updates in my news feed, and after the unpleasantness with my photos last month I'm feeling even less inclined to use that medium. And yet, I seem to keep friending everyone I meet. I need to stop doing that. I don't have 680+ "friends". I like Facebook for the invite system (far better than eVite), yet it seems that the majority of the invites I get are from people I barely know, some for out-of-state events. I feel like I'm only wanted as a warm body to fill a seat, not as a genuine friend whose attendance would be desired and noticed.

I do still like longer-form blogging - both reading and writing - and one-on-one e-mail exchanges. I think I will stop cross-posting my LJ posts to Facebook and see who is willing to read my full posts here. When I've posted LJ links to FB I've gotten comments from people who obviously didn't read the linked post. Which is fine as everyone is busy, but at this point I'd rather have more meaningful interactions with a smaller subset of people. (I trimmed my LJ friendslist way down a couple of years ago after a privacy breach, but most of my posts since then have been fully public anyway, and will remain so.)

Better yet will be interacting more with actual friends in person. I've been doing more of that lately, as I met a couple of great people through my latest foray into OKCupid. I'm now spending more time making music with friends, which, besides running, is the main social activity I've wanted to do. To that end, I also recently joined the Lesbian/Gay Chorus of San Francisco (they take bi and straight people too), and will be posting more details about our upcoming concerts on March 31 and April 1 shortly.

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