Pax (funcrunch) wrote,

Busy Saturday

Yesterday I saw a concert, a movie, and a play. All while still recovering from a cold...

The concert was given by Bekka's Frogland Orchestra at the One Taste Urban Retreat Center. The occasion was one of their apparently semi-regular "Raw la Carte" raw food expos. I saw Bekka at one of these a couple of months ago, and she was fabulous. Beautiful music and bursting with feminine energy. This performance was shorter but more enjoyable as they served the (overpriced but good) food downstairs and had the music upstairs, so she wasn't competing for attention with the vendors. Bekka and her band also performed at our after-wedding party. (boyziggy knew her from last years' Mime Troupe show.)

After the concert, Ziggy and I met up with zyxwvut and zahraa and headed to the Mission to watch Josh Kornbluth's new film (of an old monologue), "Red Diaper Baby". Go check it out at the Roxie this week - it's hilarious. We're all hoping to go see his live performance of Ben Franklin: Unplugged later this week.

misuba watched the movie with us too, and came along to dinner at Atlas, a tasty café. Then Ziggy let zyxwvut, zahraa, and myself into the Mime Troupe HQ for a little respite from the damp rainy evening.

Finally, we four headed to the Brava Theater to see Laura's Bush, which Bekka is acting in. This play is being shown simultaneously at "activist" theaters around the country. As much as I love Bekka's singing and acting, and seeing her and other attractive cast members bouncing around in their underwear, I really didn't like this play. It was just too silly for me. It was fun seeing the Mime Troupe's Ed Holmes do a pre-show Q&A session as Dick Cheney, though.
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